Kickback is a scam site

Posting for the 2nd time for awarness, i have recently deposited 80 euro to this site called kickback,i've been trying to buy some items but kept getting error messages or this items has been allready bought.I thought its nothing special and came back next day, well that kept happening for day's . Im starting to get worried i send a message to their 24/7 support, no reply on the third day i get a reply wich just says that im trying to buy items wich are the most popular(the cheap ones) and that i should try to buy the more expensive ones and that there will be no bug there. Fine i try to get a more expensive skin bout 10 euro still cant get anything , now im starting to get mad i pm them again and all they do is link me the rules page. I start to google around about this site , all i see is people saying about how they got scammed aswell , so i have decided to let you guys know about this scam aswelll.Here are the other people i found complaing im sure theres more those are only the top 2 link
EDIT:I cannot link the reddit posts about the being a scam becuse then the thread gets deleted becuse of some weird rule , just google it and you will see peopel complaining about it.
TL;DR:A popular csgo 1v1 site is acually a scam, even tho it might seem to not be becuse of its popularity.
Im posting this here becuse for some reason i coudnt post it in the csgo subreddit i bet theres people here who play cs go aswell so it was worth posting here aswell.
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csgo gambling is back....!? INSANE COINFLIP WINS $$$ - YouTube

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